Launching the Landmark: Coastal Construction at West Shore Yacht Club

Shaw Di Martino: “I’m Shaw Di Martino, and I have the pleasure and the opportunity to help lead our business here in Tampa. We are so excited to commence work. We’ve been preparing the underground foundation system, marking the culmination of a long-time effort and a valued relationship with the owner group consisting of George, Eddie, Juan Pablo, and the rest of this visionary team. We are proud to collaborate with a design team that we respect and look forward to continuing our work with. This project will stand as a landmark and a beautiful addition to Tampa’s West Shore, something we all will be very proud of.

Our project timeline is set at approximately 21 months to move from groundwork to occupancy. I want to emphasize the importance of our reputation—it’s personal to us in every aspect of our delivery and in the quality of the product we deliver. We bring our extensive knowledge of Florida’s construction concerns to ensure the highest quality outcomes. Originally a high-end custom home builder in a coastal environment, our company has evolved over the past 30 years, applying lessons learned to our daily operations with our trade partners, ensuring consistency, awareness, and superior quality for the homeowners at West Shore.

We owe our progress to Eddie, George, Juan Pablo, our team, and our design partners, with whom we are excited to work. We have already secured the majority of our trade partners, including some of the best contractors in this market, who will soon begin their work.

Leading this project are Garrett Roberton, Scott Baker, Ralph Billington, Roy Shabach, Kalina Festal, Freddie Mobley, John Cruz, Nicole Sears, Ayush, and Travis Coulter, along with Brian Lakos and Trey Black. This team has diligently worked to bring together the project estimates and costs.

We are ready to go, committed to our milestones, and you will see the building start to rise in about eight weeks when the vertical construction begins. It’s going to be a beautiful development, and we’re also eager to continue with the subsequent phases.

Thank you, everyone, for this opportunity. We are thrilled to be part of the West Shore Yacht Club community, ensuring we are considerate and respectful neighbors as we undertake this significant project. We are committed to maintaining a quiet and friendly presence as we develop a place that our neighbors will be proud to call home. Thank you again.”